(Updated: May, 2017)


Estimatedly 3 people visit each day with almost 3.15 pages browsed by everyone on average as of May, 2017 [1].

Greater number of surfers have done secondary schooling, graduate school & college/higher education, anticipatedly predominantly male, earning roughly 10k - 30k, 100k+ & 0 - 10k while browsing from office/work place, cafe & restaurant.

$0.1 per day could be earned from and can be purchased for $36 [2]. It is 5 years 5 months 16 days old blog.

However, often people may commit an error and goto ctabelaj, cyabelaj and cuabelaj instead due to very similar URLs. Blog Profile

Blogger seems to be posting too little as illustrated by his performance level of 0.37 posts/year, thus blogger seems to be not much interested in blogging.

URL chabelaj
Blog Age 5 years 5 months 16 days
Total Blog Posts 2
Blog Start Date June 1, 2011, 2:32 am
Post Frequency/Year 0.37 User Involvement

Every month expectedly 102 visitors come to Each of those surfs 3.15 pages on average per month. This pronounces that it is a site known only by few people.

During May, 2017 there was potential to attract 102 visitors.

Monthly Visitors 102
Monthly Pageviews 321
Avg. Time on Site 02:01 minutes
Engagement 3.15 pages/user

Suggestions to Raise Engagement

  • Put related posts widget at the end of your content. This drives them to explore more of your site, not to mention how much Google loves this.
  • Use less advertisement or at least less intrusive. Do not use distracting pop-ups otherwise nobody will ever face your blog again - people tend to remember and may use an ad blocker.
  • Your not-so-attractive commenting system is impeding in the way to spark discussions. Look around at top blogs in your niche and see what they are using. This way you automatically know what system your audience is used to. For example, Disqus is a good choice. Revenue Estimation

Our record reports this site owner could have earned $3 during May, 2017.

Net Value $36
Daily Earnings $0.1 Web Footprint

Watch the index and backlinks count in major search engines. WayBack Machine can expose how this site looked in past. Keyword Map

Keyword map of suggests the site is built upon moderate price keywords. Considerable keyword price can earn bigger revenues.

Keyword Expected Cost Expected Visitors
vida $1.39 501
obra $1.4 502
leon $1.41 503
greiff $1.13 279
amazon $1.14 280
clips $1.27 506
lunes $1.28 507
junio $1.29 508
embed $1.3 509
publicado $1.0 210

Ethnic Group

Browser profile of primarily consists of Asian people that are predominantly from high internet penetration Asian countries like South Korea, China, India & Pakistan, contributing (27% or about 27 visitors) during May, 2017, along with fair share of Ethnic groups like African (22%, about 22 visits) and Caucasian (17%, roughly 17 people).

Ethnic Groups Potential Percentage Expected Visitors
African 22% 22
African American 2% 2
Asian 27% 27
Caucasian 17% 17
Hispanic 10% 10
Middle Eastern 8% 8

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